The Connection…

I have thinking about my place in the Colorado music scene. I wonder if I will get new clients or if old ones will return to another album or song. Each time I think that I won’t have any more clients then a new pops up. It’s hard operating a studio by yourself. So as I was pondering on all of this something came to mind… Music Row in Nashville, Tennessee. Music is always flowing there.. in thought to myself on how Northern Colorado or even Colorado itself doesn’t have such a thing. I wondered what it would take to have such a thing. Then another thought came to mind. There’s a lot of studios built in old houses there too. Slowly I got more encouraged about my place in the Northern Colorado music scene. I found inspiration to start a new. So as I write this I am thinking of a Northern Colorado Music Connection. We could all unite to have our own music row in the Northern Colorado Area. It could be one of the biggest thing in this areas music scene.

– The Fox and The Robyn

Some Advice About DAWs….

So I was thinking about the next post to write and something crossed my mind. No matter how many D.A.W.s I’ve tried I keep coming back to the software I learned on. I find that I am more comfortable and work faster in it. So my advice is to learn as much as you can in the software you feel comfortable using. Whether you learned Pro tools or Cubase. Just delve in as deep as you can and learn every bit of your recording software.

– The Fox and The Robyn

Adventures in Reason…Pt. 2 – Pre-roll

So I have been toying around in Reason 9.5, and one thing I couldn’t figure out is how to punch in and out on a track. Punching, for those who don’t know this, is when you have a recorded a track but the musician messed up on spot you can then go re-record that messed part. So as I was trying to figure out how to do this I hit the record button and it would record where I had selected. However you always want to give the musician so pre-roll so they can get a feel of the track. The problem I was having was how to get the pre-roll to work. Most DAW’s have a pre-roll button or a pre-roll option. I was super frustrated. Reason has a couple of options for over-dubbing and alternate tracks, which are cool. Then I saw a YouTube video that helped me…sort of..

To use pre-roll in Reason its simple. You place your marker where you want to start playing and when you get to the point where you want to start recording you simply press the Record Button and it starts recording. When you want to stop recording you then again press the Record Button and it stops recording. It instantly replaces the messed up region with the newly recorded region. However this technique can get tricky you may want to use the Dub section or Alt section instead, which these create a brand new track under the selected track. (please correct me if I’m wrong)

Inspiration and other crap…

I keep pondering on many things to write about, but I keep coming up with nothing to really write about that would be worth reading. So I have been looking for inspiration to help me kick things in gear. Usually I find things at work or on the internet but still nothing. So I thought about what inspires me. Still nothing came to mind, which I found weird. I even tried watching YouTube videos from others to help get jump started. Then it came to me… Write about this experience. I am still having issues but at least now I am heading in the right direction. Inspiration is one of those things that helps up drive the motivation to do the things we love. Hell its part of how we write music and make art..

So how do we find inspiration.. That’s one of the toughest questions to answer. I guess you just need to look around you and see what the possibilities are.. I am looking around me and to others to help me get motivated and inspired to write music and make art. Another good way is to push through and just do it and see what comes out in the end. The only other person that can help you is yourself. Push yourself to the limits, the place where you feel the most uncomfortable and see what you can do. Maybe that’s how we answer the question of finding inspiration….

– The Fox and The Robyn

Adventures in Reason…

Not what you thought but I got your attention.. Recently Propellorhead Reason 9.5 was released, which has a lot of cool new toys in it along with VST support. This is awesome that they have added the support for VST pluggins. Now you can use the Reason sounds along with your 3rd Party plugins. This is a huge advantage for music production. Reason has been used to make beats and electronic music but over the past few years they have added functions to help you make other types of music. Since the release of Record from Propellorhead, you can record vocals, guitar, real drums and other instruments straight in to Reason.

However I came across a problem, and the problem was that I couldn’t get my Superior Drummer (drum software from Toontrack) to show up in Reason. I got frustrated cause I really like the sounds in Superior Drummer. I tried to uninstall and reinstall Superior Drummer with now luck. So as I was poking around inside my computer (Windows 10) I found a folder called Common Files. I opened it up and inside the folder I found the missing folder that contained the VST version of Superior Drummer. I soon linked the fold in Reason and rebooted Reason. To my satisfaction it worked. So if you are on a PC and can’t find all of your VST plugins in Reason try looking in your Common Files folder.


– The Fox and The Robyn

P.S. I plan on doing more of these “Adventures in Reason” posts so be on the look out for them.

Book Idea

I have come across an idea. There are books on all sorts of recording and mixing techniques in various D.A.W’s but not one for Reason. Reason has had the ability to record audio for a while now but no one seems to have written anything about it. So I am going to start writing on my blog here about recording and mixing audio, that is not hip hop or beats. There is plenty out there on Reason for making hip hop and beat type music but what I am talking about is rock n’ roll. So over the next few weeks or months, we’ll see how it goes, I will be writing about the things I come across mixing rock based music in Reason. A side note… Reason 9.5 comes out on Monday, May 29.

So stay tuned for new stuff to come…

– The Fox and The Robyn

Mixing Audio In Reason 9…

So I have been mixing some songs I recorded with a band. I have been using Reaper to mix them, but then I got a thought. Why not try something new. So I got a copy of Propellorheads Reason 9. I imported all the current songs I recorded but hadn’t mixed yet into Reason. I was instantly baffled on how to route things but a few hours later I had a lot of the software figured out. After figuring it all out, I am absolutely in love with the sounds I get from mixing. For mixing audio you don’t need many plugins. What I mean is that EQ, Compression, Gates are built in to mixer. It works very much like and old analogue console. The Master buss has a compressor built into it. I believe that the mixer is based off the SSL 9000K Console that is literally in every recording studio around the world. My mixes are sounding punchier and I am barely using any cpu from my host computer.

I highly recommend Reason for home recording studios. I must say that is also nice to have all the synths that Reason is known for as well the ability to mix audio tracks. If you buy Reason 9 right now you will get a free update to Reason 9.5, which includes VST support.

– The Fox & The Robyn Recording